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Brighten up your waterfront property and catch more fish. Our LED underwater dock light is designed with the latest LED technology to insure countless ours of fun.   The system is extremely energy efficient and durable.  The system is truly plug-and-play and available in Neon Green of Ocean Blue.


Penetrate the murkiest of water with this 400 watt HID System.  This high quality system offers zero maintenance and is easy to install. The HID System is built with 3 safety features and a internal cooling fan to help extend its operating life.  Our HID System is the brightest available on the market today.


Custom fishing rod racks made to impress!  These racks are hand crafted and built to order. Available in several sizes and are stained with a rustic finish.  Our rod racks are designed to be mounted on the ceiling to keep your tackle out of harms way. This rod rack will be the last one you will every buy.


Our quality underwater LED lights are the most versatile system available today.  The lights have a low profile design with the ability to float off or rest on the bottom.


Save money with the most energy-efficient underwater lighting system available. Our underwater fish lights are both efficient and bright by using Cree LED technology.

Attract Marine Life

Our underwater dock lights emit light that is irrestible to bait and predatory fish.  Starting the first night, bait fish looking for security will be attracted to the light.  As the number of bait fish increase, the schooling bait fish will be prime targets for larger predatory fish.  Overtime, these larger predatory fish will make your waterfront property thier residence.

Vivid Colors

Our underwater lights are available in Neon Green or Ocean Blue. We recommend green for murky water and blue for clear water. Both colors will attract a wide variety of marine life and add ambience to your waterfront property.

Jennifer H., Cape Coral, FL 2016

Just what our family was looking for. Installation was easy. Just mount the box, toss light in the water, and plug it in. We had all types of fish on the first night. On the third night, we had a alligator show up. I think the gator liked the light as much as we did.

Great Times!

Miles M., Dothan, AL 2017

I purchased a green led for our catfish pond. Great entertainment for family and friends. Nothing like having a butterball of schooling catfish in your backyard.

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