FAQ | Underwater Dock Lights | LED


Our lights are custom designed to be not only the brightest on the market, but the most durable.  Our lights emit up to 9,000 Lm from the latest in LED technology.  The LED provides a long life span and low energy foot print. Our underwater lights our built in the USA.   Our underwater lights can take punishment.  They will not crack or break and fill with water.  We know you will enjoy your underwater light and the marine life it will attract.

Our underwater LED lights will attract a wide variety of marine life.  The underwater light will attract bait fish  and thus grab the attention of larger predatory fish.  The process will create the food chain cycle.  Your waterfront property will have its own natural aquarium.

Our LED lights have a longer life expectancy when compared to HID bulbs.  You will not need to replace any bulbs.  Our lights use the best LED’s available. Our underwater lights will last.

Our lights our extremely bright.  There our three influencing factors determining the light diameter and brightness.  They are depth, clarity, and light color.  The deeper the depth of your light will produce a larger diameter of light.  Our lights provide the option to rest flush against the bottom or float upward to any depth desired.  For depths as shallow as 6 feet or less, we recommend resting flush against the bottom.

The effects of water clarity is important. For stained, browned, murky water, we recommend a green underwater LED light.   This wavelength and color has the ability to overcome the challenge of dirty water and will provice the best option.  The blue light excels in clear water and has produced excellent results in the Florida Keys.

We recommend green for murky water and blue for clear water.

Our underwater lights are plug and play.  Simply mount the electrical box in the desired location (within 4 feet of an eletrical outlet), attach weigh to led light, and toss the light in the water.  Installation is very simple.

4 Feet from the electrical outlet to box and 30 feet from the underwater LED light to the box. Additional cord length is available upon request.

Our lights have a low energy footprint. Our power supply converts 110 volts down to 31 volts.  Average use is between 6 to 8 hours a night. Based on the average use, a kraken Underwater LED light will cost between $4.00 to $7.00 a month. Compared to our competitors that run high voltage systems, the Kraken Underwater LED System will pay for itself.